Welcome to the 2019 Clackamas County Fair online entry site!
Please visit the 2019 Premium Book for all dates, deadlines, and general rules & regulations. The Premium Book can be found at http://www.clackamas.us/fair/handbook.html
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    • Enter an email address if possible. This will allow you to have your receipt sent directly to you without having to print it out right away.
    • You will be able to add and review your entries with this information
    • You create entries by selecting Department, Division, and then the Class you want to enter.
    • Enter all of your entries before clicking Continue
    • On this page, you have a chance to review your entries. If you find you entered something by mistake and want to delete it, click on the red “X” that appears at the end of each entry to remove that item.
    • If you need to edit an entry, click on the “pencil” edit tool to correct it. Once you are satisfied with your entries, you may check out.
    • Livestock exhibitors: There are additional fees associated with the entries you are making and will be listed on this page. If these fees are not paid, your submissions may not eligible for entry into the fair.
    • Livestock Helper & Parking Passes: These passes will be available to purchase when the Livestock Office opens.
    • Quilters- You MUST fill out a Quilt Information sheet for every quilt item you enter. This is a new requirement in Textiles. You can print out one through the fair website or come into the fair office and pick one up.
    • Payment by credit card for online registration and entries. Credit cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
    • Please read the terms and conditions and type “YES” to let us know you accept the rules.
    • Hit “Submit”
    • Verify your email address is correct
    • Print out your receipt
If you don’t see a receipt from the Clackamas County Fair in your email right away, check the junk/spam folder. If you do not see an email from the Clackamas County Fair, subject: ShoWorks Online Entries Receipt, please contact the Fair Office at (503)266-1136 or email Heidi at heidis@ccfairevents.com.
Fair Office will have final approval of all entries and fees. Exhibitors must have all fees paid in full by department due dates in order to show or your entries will be disqualified.
Thank you for your interest in the Clackamas County Fair. We wish you the best of luck! We greatly appreciate having you as an exhibitor and guest of the Clackamas County Fair.
On-line submission of data requires that you agree and will abide with the terms as defined in the published rules and regulations. For a copy of these rules and regulations, please contact the fair office or view them online at www.clackamas.us/fair/.